The Great Big LadyNicci Giveaway – How to Enter

The Great Big LadyNicci Giveaway

It’s been on my mind for a quite a while to do a giveaway on LadyNicci blog. I toyed with a few ideas – buying a voucher or a hamper or something that looks nice in a photo and would have you all sharing the bejaysus out of a Facebook post I threw up.

But then I got a bigger idea – and sometimes, ideas run away with themselves and you come up with


It’s partly festive, partly promotion and partly looking to support and highlight some of the great brands I’ve worked with over the past year or so. It’s also partly grateful I think – I wanted to be able to give something back to all the readers of the blog to say thank you for engaging, for reading, for pressing ‘like’ in 2016 and please bear with me, while I probably disappear off the radar 2017. (Apparently new-borns are time consuming – who knew?)

Anyway, while I try to go out with a bang, here’s how the competition works:

The giveaway is based on the theme Days In, Days Out, Nights In, Nights Out and I’ve gathered together four packages related to products or activities I’ve used or reviewed on the blog or that I just really like. I can stand over each as a recommendation and that’s what I wanted the giveaway to be about – celebrating the best of blog and as a Drogheda based blogger – the North East.

A winner will be chosen for each package on Wednesday 21st December, which means you have four chances to win.

Entering is really simple. All you need to do is:

1.Like the LadyNicci Facebook Page

2. Comment on this blog post OR on the Facebook post for this competition (it’s pinned to the top of my Facebook page)

That’s it. Easies.

And now…. (drums fingers) the prizes. Here are the price packages broken down and a bit of background to the brands involved.

Days In

*Cosy blanket and Cashel Living candle
*Set of signed books by Nicola Pierce
*The Cinderella Reflex by Joan Brady
*Tea cups and Lily’s Tea package
*Ziaja Gift Set
*3 month subscription to Netflix

Since starting to work part time I’ve got to spend more days in the house and while my time is usually filled with boring things like housework and laundry and coaxing my small child to eat meals she would prefer to rub into the carpet, I do appreciate my days where I don’t physically have to be anywhere other than home. Usually, when the work is done, I get to unwind in the evening, to watch some Netflix, or read or drink pints of tea and mush whole packets of biscuits into my face. (Favourite thing to do ever). The Days In package will ensure the perfect duvet day – (or, because, you know you might want to remain employed) could be fully utilised over a weekend. I particularly love the set of signed books from Nicola Pierce – who is a children’s writer living in Drogheda. You can read an interview I did with her here. Joan Brady’s The Cinderella Reflex is a feel good book and you can read her interview here. As you might be watching Netflix in this package with your kiddies here’s how we got on with Frozen earlier in the year, a post on how to keep your toddler entertained with Netflix and our most recent up to date watches while the two year old goes on a Peppa Pig protest. And to top it all off, you get to pamper yourself to wrinkliness with a gorgeous Ziaja gift set, of which I wrote about recently here.

Days Out

*One term of swimming lessons for tot or baby at Aura, Drogheda
*Pass for 4 children to My Little Playhome, Drogheda
*1 Adventure Pack from Regatta Great Outdoors
*Birthday Party for 10 children at Funtasia, Drogheda

The Days Out package makes me feel a bit giddy. When I became a parent, I had no idea of the total craic that lay ahead of finding activities to keep both myself and the child entertained. Days out are mostly about her, but Mammy or Daddy ALWAYS enjoy themselves too. The winner of this prize will receive a term of swimming lessons for baby or tot at Aura, Drogheda. I was approached by Aura this year to try out their lessons and you can read how I brought the petrified of water screamer through her first few episodes at the pool. I know the child’s absolute fear of H2O was brought about by our waterboarding incident, but once we got over the initial shock of what swimming involved, she really began to enjoy it. Conor, our swim teacher was fantastic and what the lessons showed me is that it’s never too early to start – I wish I’d started bringing her when she was a baby. A post that receives a lot of traffic is my review of My Little Playhome, Drogheda, which is an indoors imaginative play area that lets the kids run wild, while you can cower down the back with your laptop (or bottle of gin, whatever).  We love it and in this package, I’ve four passes to give away. I couldn’t make it to the launch of the brand new Regatta Great Outdoors store in Scotch Hall, Drogheda, but they’ve kindly given me an adventure pack as a prize – it’s a fab rucksack, ideal for packed lunches, or blankies that must accompany all journeys. And, with our little ones birthdays coming year in, year out, wouldn’t it be lovely to know you had next year’s expense covered with a party for ten children at the Atlantis Cove Play Area, Funtasia, Drogheda? You can read what a party involves here. They have champagne. For kids!

Nights In

*Cosy Blanket and Cashel Living Candle
*Book Goody Bag by Bleach House
*Pamper Hamper from Boyne Grove Pharmacy
*3 month subscription to Netflix
*Red and White Wine

Maybe it’s the age we’re at – or maybe it’s the pure exhaustion brought on by parenting, but nights in happen a lot more than nights out these days. And that’s ok – as long as you have the equipment. For this prize, you’ll keep cosy with a blanket and candle and can get your book on with a goody bag from Bleach House  – a book blog run by the rather remarkable Collon resident Margaret Madden. Margaret reads whole books in the same time it takes you to drive to Aldi and back and she really does have a library in her house. As she reviews all the top releases this goody bag is a major treat for literary eyes. One of the many bonuses to having a mother who works in a lovely local pharmacy is the appearance of fabulous hampers at various stages of celebration, including birthdays, Christmas’ and the births of babies. Through my connections (eh, Mammy) Grove Pharmacy in Drogheda has offered a pamper hamper to help soothe away your night in. The hamper up for grabs is made up of a stack of Grace Cole products. If you’d like to give someone a gift – particularly a new Mam I’d really recommend Boyne Grove for their hampers – they make them up personally and they look so impressive. I’m still using bits and bobs from my last one and can’t wait for my new one early next year. (Ahem, Mammy).  Finally, like the Days In package, I’ve a three month subscription to Netflix in this package too. I’m absolutely loving The Crown right now – it’s got everything right, from script to scenery to cast to the amount of historical detail. We really loved Stranger Things this year and were lucky enough to get to The Siege of Jadotville premiere – which is a fantastic movie. Of course no night in would be complete without wine.  It just wouldn’t. So that’s why it’s here, obvs.

Nights Out

*Ten Pin Bowling for eight friends at BYOB night, Funtasia
*€50 drinks voucher for Cagney’s Bar, Drogheda
*€50 cocktail voucher for The Grey Goose, Drogheda
*10 passes for Fusion Nightclub, Drogheda
*Overnight B&B stay for 2 people at the d Hotel, Drogheda

As I’m expecting at the minute, I have spent manys a night in, dreaming about getting out. And going crazy. On cocktails. And beers. And towering high heels. I miss going out soooo much.  So I plan on making up for it big style in 2017. (Only somewhat responsibly). The Nights Out package is one I thought about taking all for myself but that wouldn’t be ethical or very fair now, would it? The winner of this prize will be very popular because there’s enough to go around all your friends. On Thursday and Friday nights Funtasia hold BYOB nights at their ten pin bowling in Drogheda. It’s a great idea, for something little bit different that you can do on a budget and still have the craic with all your friends. This prize includes a pass for eight friends on a night of your choice. This year, Cagney’s Bar in Drogheda is celebrating four years in business. I remember it opening and have lot of good memories there as we went there the night of our baby’s Christening and my hubby gigs there every Sunday night (if you’re looking for somewhere to head to #justsayin’). What I love about it is the size of the bar, it’s cosy and atmospheric. Looking forward to my first drink there in early 2017. (Keep me a seat!) If it’s glamour you’re after, then you’ll enjoy the cocktail voucher for The Grey Goose on West Street Drogheda as part of this prize. Myself and Supasambo had a mad afternoon / evening / night time adventure there earlier in the year (my last time drinking before finding out about the new babog) and we loved the cocktails and the chats with the people coming through. They’ve just opened a new cocktail bar upstairs called The Bird Cage, and although I haven’t seen it yet, I cannot WAIT to test it out from everything I’ve been hearing. The winner of this prize receives a €50 drinks voucher for Cagneys and a €50 cocktail voucher for The Grey Goose. After bowling and warm up drinks, the dancing urge will be coming on and it’ll be time to hit Fusion. They’ve kindly given ten passes to the Nights Out package – so if you win, there’s definitely room to bring me with you, right? Check out their gigs through the year – they’re always pushing the boat out. The final part of this prize is an overnight stay for two people at the d Hotel, Drogheda. You might not remember getting back there, if you decide to stay after your mad night out, but hopefully you’ll remember waking up there for breakfast by the Boyne.

So… there you go.

What a giveaway.


I’ve already had friends on wondering can we do something Father Ted style to fix the raffle and ensure they win. But that’s not going to happen I’m afraid – everything will be honest and above board as always. The terms and conditions are below.

As a reminder, you can enter this competition, here directly on this post by commenting below in the comments section or through LadyNicci Facebook page. Everyone who enters will be put into a draw and four winners will be selected on Wednesday 21st December. I’ll broadcast the draw on Snapchat – so you can see it’s legit (!) and winners will be announced across LadyNicci social channels.

Thanks for reading, thanks (in advance) for entering and even if you don’t win, I hope some of these products, brands, and activities might make some interesting Christmas present ideas this year and inspire some days and nights out next year.

Nicci xx

Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition is open to residents in Ireland and the UK.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
  3. Due to the localised nature of the Days Out and Nights Out prizes, should a winner be drawn and deemed unable to utilise the prizes, the draw will be conducted again. LadyNicci will contact prizewinners direct to ensure prizes can be used.
  4. Netflix 3 month subscription will be given as a gift card worth €25.Users may need to add a value to the card to secure the three month subscription or to meet selected preferences.
  5. Terms and Conditions apply to the party for 10 children at Funtasia, contact them directly for further details. Additional children will be charged at €15.95 per child.
  6. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
  7. Competition opens on Tuesday 29th November and runs until Wednesday 21st December when a winner will be drawn at 1pm. Entries are eligible up until this time.
  8. To be eligible for entry, entrants must like LadyNicci Facebook page and comment on this competition blog post or on LadyNicci competition Facebook page. Sharing the post is not a necessary term of entry.
  9. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook.
  10. Four winners will be selected at random on Wednesday 21st from all entries in the following order – Days In package, Days Out package, Nights In Package, Nights Out Package.
  11. Winners will be drawn live on Snapchat, posted on LadyNicci social media and contacted where possible by private message to confirm prize.
  12. LadyNicci will arrange delivery of prizes with winners direct. Postage will be possible where required.
  13. No purchase or payment of any kind is required to enter or win.
  14. All prizes are given in good faith by brands involved. No cash alternatives will be provided, should a prize winner be unable to use part of prize package won.
  15. Judges decision is final.

Good luck!

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  1. Wow, what brilliant prizes, as a mammy/writer/teacher with baby no 2 now overdue I would love to win any of these, what a lovely Xmas treat! Can you put my name in the draw, please?

    • Haha – yes, covered all the bases Alana! Thanks for you comment – winners announced this coming Wednesday – good luck!

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