Nine things you’ll find yourself saying during Netflix’s Stranger Things

Stranger Things

We are such bandwagon hoppers. If everyone’s watching it, well then so are we. If you have Netflix you’ll know that they pump out the epic series like there’s no tomorrow. And sometimes some series take off into the tellyland stratoshere. There was House of Cards. And Narcos. And of course Making a Murderer. And this month (or last month, I’m not THAT on the button) it’s all about Stranger Things.

I took the liberty of remembering nine things we commented on during this addictive little series. Think Gogglebox in your blog post. Hey, it could catch on.

1.I always wanted a Raleigh Chopper bike. (This was followed by actual tears from the husband as he watched all the lads zoom around 80s style on their big long bicycles. This then led onto the further tear inducing moan about Santa never bringing the roller blades asked for. There’s still time I assured him. As long as he’s a good boy.)

raleigh bike
Photo source:

2. Doesn’t Winona Ryder look like Sinead O’Connor? She DOES though.

Winona Ryder Stanger Things
Sinead O'Connor
Sinead. Uncanny.

3. I have a few Clash albums in the attic. Be prepared to reminisce and go rooting for all things 80s and musical. The soundtrack is awesome!

Ghetto blaster

4. I’m scared. That was mostly from me. How can you not be scared of monster aliens who live in paralell universes and in the walls?

Winona Ryder with axe
See, Winona’s scared too.

5. You can really feel the passion between these two, can’t you? Again mostly me. I loved the relationship between Nancy and Steve. It had all the intensity, on-off-edness you’d expect from any decent teenage romance. The husband – not one 80s shite did he give about the romance. But that’s why Stranger Things is fantabulous. It appeals to both men and poor partners forced to sit through eight hours of childhood nostalgia.

Stranger Things
What’s a baseball bat between lovers?

6. This is just like E.T. So many moments.

So. Sweet. Source:

7. This is X Files Scary. The best 90s television, rolled up with our favourite 80s movies and packaged for streaming in the two thousand and teenies. Thank you Netflix.

x files
Should have put Mulder and Scully on the case. They would’ve sorted it out in half an hour – like all good episodes of The Files

8. Doesn’t your man look like that junkie guy who used to go out with Kate Moss? That’s Pete I was thinking of. Pete Doherty. Sorry Steve, but you kinda do.

Steve Stranger Things
Pete Doherty
Pete. Brothers. In fairness, this is a VERY good pic of Pete.

9. Hasn’t Winona come a long way since robbing shops? She has though. She is AMAZING in this. Awards please.

Stranger Things
What’s that you want to give me an Oscar? I’ll take it. Have you seen Beetlejuice by the way? Yes I know. Still got it.

In case you haven’t seen Stranger Things and are considering watching, me and my very cultured hubby say… do it! It’s true there are aliens and monsters and they may not be your thing (they are not mine, but I can be easily persuaded by good television). It has a great script, borrows tons from classics like The Goonies and all good horror movies, has a fantastic soundtrack and the actors are very fine indeed.

Do it.

Or the monsters might come and get you.


I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive a complimentary package for review purposes. Have you watched Stranger Things? Did you make any of the same comments we did? Featured image source:

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  1. You are too funny. #2 and #8 never occurred to me but now that you mention it, I agree. I really enjoyed it as well. Everything about it was amazing.

    • Haha, if you recorded everything you said while watching things it would be funny. Seems the whole world is watching it, really enjoyed it.

    • Ha, it was himself who said it but I’m sure we were all thinking it. She is such a brilliant actress, great to see her back on our screens. She was the star of the show for me. And Eleven. She was fabulous. Loving the name Elle now for babog!

    • It’s so well done. We’ve just started watching The Get Down now on Netflix too and the soundtrack is amazing!!

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