Author Interviews

In November 2015 I started interviewing some of the many authors I came across as I got to grips with the Irish and UK publishing industry.

In most cases, I reached out direct, to author friends, acquaintances and to some of the very much admired writers that I had been following for a long time. I wanted to find out how they worked – what made them successful, what made their writing and their methods to achieve that writing, stand out.

I also wanted to interview emerging writers. The one thing we all have in common is our common scribe activity – being published is a bonus – most of us continue and will continue to write, regardless of whether the dream comes true of publication.

I have learned so much from every interview. All writers are different. There is no one method. Some are early risers, scratching out the words at dawn. Others are organised and can only write when the house has been scrubbed clean. Some cloud out their scenic views, others need music.

You can view the full author interview list here.

Interviews are published every Sunday, and fortnightly during the summer season. Well LadyNicci needs some downtime too!

Below are some of my favourite interviews. You can visit the slider in the centre of the website homepage to choose an author to read about.

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