Protests against Peppa Pig – our new Netflix mornings

Our two year old is going through a very strange phase. Everything that was previously acceptable on the tellybox, is now not. Programmes she’s watched religiously for months are now ‘not cool’.

Peppa Pig -the staple of all toddler viewing schedules is no longer permissible on our screens. Noooooooooo she cries and waves her tiny palm, back of the hand style. Do you know what happens when your child suddenly turns their back on the safety of Peppa Pig?

Panic. That’s what. We’re sweating over the remote, furiously flicking to something that might be allowed stay on the screen for longer than three seconds before it’s met with her tiny squawks of protest. Yes, she is spoiled. No, I don’t know what to do with her.

We’ve developed a new morning routine and I’m wondering now, if it might have something to do with her programming protest. When she wakes in her cot, there’s usually time to bring her into our bed for her morning boppy.Β  This serves a few purposes – the main one being that we get some cuddles (important), some extra snoozes (if she’s quiet) and a little bit longer before either of us parentals has to get up and go downstairs and face the day. It’s a nice, relaxed start to our days with her and it’s all helped along by the quiet blare of Netflix.

She doesn’t have a tiny toe in the bed before she’s waving towards our bedroom TV and crying THIS! So we dutifully switch on the Apple TV and get to work letting her select her programme like the good millenial plus child she is. Because Netflix is set up to let you see all the programmes at a glance, she can see in advance what she wants and we play a game of go fish by flicking through the shows one by one. This? we ask. No. This? No. This? No. This… until we get a yes.

And that’s grand with Netflix, because there’s so much to choose from. Not so, on our TV downstairs, where we don’t have our Apple TV set up anymore. I’ve realised that this is where the main programme protesting has been taking place. This is where the Peppa Pig aversion happens. This is where she loses her cool when the adverts come on and immediately demands the next programme when the last has finished. She’s been totally Netflixed.

Anyway, now that I’ve proven that we are spoiling our toddler and probably watching too much TV, here for your interest is what we’ve been watching on Netflix over the past few weeks. She’s a hard one to please is our little dictator. All of these have passed the half an hour morning test. Which is no mean feat with little protesty wavy hands let me tell you.

Figaro Pho

Image result for phigaro pho

She’s into violence. She likes Tom and Jerry batin the heads off each other. She also loves Figaro Pho – which is a brilliant, non-verbal type of programme from Australia, with a fair few mishaps. She loves programmes that she doesn’t have to follow language in – cartoons based on slapstick sound keep her attention. Poor Figaro goes through an awful time of clocking through all the types of fears you can have. It’s quirky, funny and one of our favourites to watch too.

Oscar’s Oasis

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Oscar’s Oasis is another winner in toddler terrorist land because again, there’s very little language to follow and lots of slapstick funnies. Oscar is a little lizard who lives in the desert and spends his time chasing water and food and being a bit roadrunner about it. I thought this programme was also Australian made as it reminds me of Figaro Pho but according to the Google machine it’s actually French Korean. Random – a bit like the programme – but very cool.


Image result for umizoomi

Umi! Zoomi! Umi zoomi! Umi Zoomi! Yep, that’s what usually echoes around our tiny bedroom every morning – it’s one of August’s new favourites. The graphics in this day and age look a bit dated to me – it’s been around a while, but the toddler doesn’t care one bit – she loves it. We’ve been spending a lot of time on numbers lately – she counts everything and I think that’s partly why she enjoys it so much. In fairness, it’s definitely one of the more educational programmes- which kind makes up for the violent ones we let her watch!


Image result

Continuing with the education theme, August is into Storybots at the moment, which is a great little series explaining ‘stuff’. How things happen, why things happen – it’s like a very basis science class – but to be fair even me and her Daddy sit there going – I didn’t know that! Family education through the medium of early morning Netflix binges. Word.

Beat Bugs

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We’d heard a lot about Beat Bugs and were dying to watch it because it’s based on the music of the Beatles. It’s a lovely series, and follows a set of bugs through their adventures, blending the music of the Beatles into each programme – the storylines are based on the songs themselves. The cartoon reminded me of A Bug’s Life or even Honey I Shrunk the Kids. To be fair, I’d say Mammy and Daddy enjoy these cartoons more than the toddler herself but that’s because, as I said above, she’s into violence and these are pretty safe.

So there you have it – our current Netflix cartoon watches and the programmes we wake up to each morning. As a disclaimer I’d just like to add that I do actually spend quality time with my daughter too – doing jigsaws and everything. Just so you don’t think I’m a totally terrible mother like.

I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive a complimentary subscription in return for honest reviews. What are you are your kids watching? Comment below – I’d love to hear from you

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19 Comments on Protests against Peppa Pig – our new Netflix mornings

  1. our girly has abandoned peppa too and is loving storybots…. she calls it the silly program and loves the space one and science on (because they say poop in the science one) i love beat bugs and am dieing to write a post on it.. but she doesn’t like it.. to slow moving i think… i will have to look the other two up ps hope your well and bumpy is good x

    • no way, that’s gas! poop, haha! yeah it’s a bit slow moving for her I think, she might appreciate it more when she’s older. bump good – getting big and making me feel very uncomfortable :/ oh well – all part of it!

  2. I remember the peppa pig days, my daughter use to get very frustrated with the adverts!! I like the sound of story bots. I think my daughter, who is much older, would actually enjoy story bots. I also like the sound of Oscar’s Oasis, sounds like something my niece would really enjoy! πŸ™‚

  3. Team Umizoomi is great, as is Storybots. Quite educational so you can count that as quality TV time! I still like Peppa Pig myself though I am partial to Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom too. Somehow, I don’t think I watch any grown up shows any more!

    • I love Ben and Holly too – it’s great. I know the feeling- she won’t let us watch adult programmes either – some days I put my foot down and just tell her – no it’s Mammy time now… or turn it off altogether for a bit of peace!

  4. Gosh we’ve gone through all of these …..and some! What is really cringe is that Netflix marks how far you are through an episode and it really brought it home to me how much TV we were getting through… Feck, bad parent (smacks hand)

  5. ???? I think I peaked too early with Peppa! I’m sick of it. We watched it on YouTube during that time when there was no day and night. I try my hardest to avoid TV, but B is really into Peppa at the moment, soooo I’m keen to find any alternatives for those desperate times! Thanks for the tip offs ????

    • Great hope B likes them too! There’s loads of new episodes on at the minute – they might ease the pain a little.

  6. So funny! I don’t have a toddler but I think I’ve been Netflixed myself. I practically had a tantrum when I realised that the next episode of Designated Survivor wasn’t already on Netflix ????????

  7. I was actullay a bit upset when my kids didn’t want to watch Peppa Pig anymore, because I secretly loved it. Now my little girl likes to watch Totally Spys and my boy Transformers and power rangers

    • We’ve had the yelp for Power Rangers – which is a bit strange considering my little one is only two! Aw, it must be an age thing so πŸ™‚

  8. Long gone are the days when my kids watched telly – they are glued to their phones and ipads now! Love seeing all the new shows – my kids loved Peppa until they were quite old, so many your little girl will get a renewed liking for it!

    • She probably will, considering how fickle their phases are! Ah, have the screen addiction all ahead of us I’m sure.

  9. Personally I would be celebrating the end of the Peppa Pig phase, I rejoiced when my daughter decided it was no longer cool. My two both loved Umi Zoomi so that was on repeat in our house some days, much better than repeat Peppa though!

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