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My Little Playhome Drogheda Ball Pool

As our daughter has started to grow, we’ve been looking for things for her to do that are safe, fun, and allow her to use up all the energy that seeps from very bones. (Where do they get it from – I mean they don’t even take in much food?) It was August’s Godmother Sam who introduced us to My Little Playhome in Drogheda, which is an all enclosed giant playhouse for children. Sam had heard from her circle of Mammies that this was a great place to go and since she’s been the first time, we’ve taken out daughter back a few times ourselves.

When we’re driving towards it, she strains and practically pops out of her seat when she see’s the entrance. It’s very cute.

My Little Playhome is made up of little open rooms each of which house different types of toys. It really is a toddler haven and it’s lovely to bring your kid there – it’s a very simple idea, but sometimes the simplest are the best. At age two, it can be hard to find somewhere that’s suitable for her to go – some of the softplay areas can be a bit boisterous or rough and we only last so long in the park. (She’s terrified of swings, sigh).


August generally spends the majority of her time in the kitchen. (Like her Mammy, ha, not!) She gets a great kick out of making tea and food and serving up different dishes. There’s a few different kitchen sets and lots of utensils to keep little hands busy.


There’s a books and puzzles area, and despite her penchant for these games at home, in here, she doesn’t spend too much time in this area, as there’s so much else to distract her. Near to the books is the Barbie and doll area, with large houses full of toys to play with.



To the front of My Little Playhome is a car and dinky area, full of tracks and mini cars. She plays here for ages too, as she’s very into small, fiddly things. There isn’t really a softplay area, but to the back is a small ball pool and toys more geared towards the under ones. In the middle is a huge wendy house that all the kids spend at least some time hiding in. The final area is like a supermarket with trolleys and tills and lots of plastic foods.


At the very front is the action hero shelf, surrounded by the push cars and dress up clothes. This pic was taken of her as we were leaving, getting the last bit of fun she could out of the two hours we were there.


I like that I can bring her in and let her run wild, they have security gates at the front so no kid can escape without an adult. They serve tea and snacks and have a seated area down the back for parents to chill. Last time, I brought my laptop and there was free wifi.

It would be a nice place to meet a friend for a coffee or to share a playdate. They also do parties, but we’re a bit off doing those for a while, thank feck.

The business is open less than a year and I hope it continues to do well. It costs €5 entry for a two year old, which I think is really reasonable, under ones are free. It’s clean and the toys are well maintained, the staff are constantly going round picking up after the kids to keep things in order. So it’s just like being at home really watching someone else be the Mammy.

If you do go to visit, let me know how you get on. Or I might see you there, some rainy afternoon when I need to use up some of that toddler energy and would prefer to see her unleash hell on somewhere else that isn’t MY home.

My Little Playhome is located at Donore Road Industrial Estate (take the first left after the Maxol garage when coming from Drogheda) They haven’t asked me to write this piece, I just wanted to share the parenting secret knowledge. Do you find it hard to keep your toddler entertained? Where do you like to go to keep them amused?

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  1. I did not know this existed, oh my goodness. I’m definitely going to have to look in to this and take a trip. My house is a playhouse disaster with them at the moment. Perhaps I can rope Daddy to bring them up some afternoon during the week. 😉

  2. Great little spot. We’ve been a few times on play dates & all of the children have loved it – 2yrs to 5yrs. And much cleaner than the bigger play zones. IWN!

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