UncommonGoods.com – 11 gifts you need in your life #spon

I was fishing around in my junk email folder last week – as you do, you’ll find some crackers in there – and I came across an email about writing a post for UncommonGoods.com. Hmmm, I thought. Another windfall from Nigeria?

No, it was actually a genuine email about a website that sells sustainable goods. Here’s a blurb from their site:

We’re committed to offering you a creative and exciting merchandise assortment and are working with our suppliers – from artists to small manufacturers – to make their products in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner. Since our founding, we’ve featured products that contain recycled components and have not sold products containing leather, feathers or fur – we’re committed to selling products that do no harm to people or animals.

This really appeals to me.

When I clicked onto their site – I thought yes! Yes, I will write about this because within a few clicks I found tons of stuff that could fulfill all the present giving duties one has in one’s future. You can search the site by price or by your likes and dislikes and it was pretty easy to navigate.

It’s a good go to site if you’re looking to buy a gift for an upcoming anniversary, either your own or someone else in your family – see the personalised family portrait I’ve picked out below. They also feature lots of quirky Mr & Mrs gifts for weddings and some of their gifts for expectant Mums and small babies would make you beyond broody so view with care.

There’s tons of stuff on there, but I have managed to pick out 11 gifts I love – both for myself (ahem) or someone else in my life.

Hold onto your wallets folks.

  1. Phone Storage Water Bottle


Yep, a water bottle that stores your phone. Through the magic of plastic technology, it doesn’t even get wet! Brilliant for going for a walk, run to the gym or just freeing up your hands in general. Love it.





2. Ticket Stub Diary


If you’re like me you might be a sentiMENTAL person and keep all manner of memorabilia from your life. But what to do with it? I find it really hard to throw out concert tickets – I don’t know why, it just feels wrong. This little diary is the answer – keeping everything neat and tidy and giving space for your own notes of ‘REM, 1999, got the shift’. Ah, memories.



3. Avacado Tree

Lads, now everyone can afford to eat avacado toast. That house you want to buy is just round the corner when you start growing your own hipster fruit! (Or is it a veg?) I would love this for the hubby, who is forever complaining that his avacados are too hard. Hmmm.









4. Glasses holder

I need this in my life. I have two pairs of glasses, both of which can rarely be found. Seen as I actually need my glasses, to you know, walk and stuff, this structure would come in really handy. Plus it could serve as a ready to throw weapon should you ever be burgled or if you just can’t listen to himself banging on about his hard avacados anymore.







5. Phone charger stickers

Because why wouldn’t you want these beauties in your life?










6. Sweet corn booties

Aaaaaaaaaawwwww. These are the cutest things ever! And they work for a boy or girl. They’d nearly make you want to have another baby just so you could put them on them. I said nearly.






7. Guitar string bracelet



Isn’t this the prettiest jewellery out of something so throwaway? There’s more to the range too, including necklaces and earrings. Great idea for a musical lady in your life, or just the lady in your life, because it’s so pretty.






8. Record bowls

Imagine how many bags of crisps you could fit in here. And how cool they would look?










9. Iphone Photo Lab

Ok this is on the more pricy end of things but how amazing to be able to print your own photos straight? You know the way you promise yourself you’ll package up all your online photos and send them off to be printed but never do. Here’s your answer.








10. Personalised family portrait

I love these portraits. They’re quirky, bespoke and something to be treasured and they don’t break the bank either.

11. Meteorite Cufflinks

Because your man is out of this world? Thank you and goodnight.






Do any of these appeal to you? See you on the other side, broke but happy. *This is a collaborative post.*

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