Are you carrying a Cling-On?

May 20, 2015 LadyNicci 2

It’s come to my attention of late that I have given birth to a Cling-On. The Cling-On has been maturing for a while. Gradual symptoms have been creeping in. An over ambitious smile when I […]

Book Review: I Forgot To Take My Pill

May 16, 2015 LadyNicci 0

Sharyn Hayden is a woman of experience. She’s done a lot. She’s seen a lot. She’s bought (and probably puked) on the t-shirt. Of all Sharyn’s experiences though, motherhood has been the most exciting ‘journey’. […]

And so… I shall write a book!

February 9, 2015 LadyNicci 0

Last week I had the opportunity to appear on new Irish parenting website as a guest blogger. I’d seen the site advertised on Facebook a few days after its launch and was dying to […]

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