And so… I shall write a book!

Last week I had the opportunity to appear on new Irish parenting website as a guest blogger. I’d seen the site advertised on Facebook a few days after its launch and was dying to get involved in some way. The whole premise and content of the site was so appealing to me.

I thought of my thesis for my BA in Journalism, which I completed over ten years ago on the subject of modern parenting.  At the age of 21 I was already writing about mammies and daddies – it’s been a strong theme through my life for me.

I was happy with the views I got on the pieces. Some went into crazy figures, being shared over 2,000 times, way above the normal share of 100 or so. I loitered like a stalker on the original Facebook posts, watching people share and comment on the various points I’d made. It was weird seeing total strangers discuss your work. But very satisfying too.

I’ve met a few friends over the past week who have been so complimentary and encouraging that it’s given me the confidence to start a project which has always been a life goal of mine; to write a book.

I haven’t touched fiction in years – it’s so much easier to write about yourself and the truth – but, I want to leave something creative behind. A piece of literature. Something to be proud of.

Research has already begun. Some of this involved finding out how you go about researching a book, because I really don’t know where to start. But I have an idea. A small idea and my research will help it grow.

I’m currently working through some library books I’ve borrowed and have a few more research ideas that I hope to carry out before I commence writing. The overall advice is to get writing as quickly as possible though, as you can use research to prolong the actual writing part. So I’ve set a timeline and intend to stick to it.

I’m going with historical fiction, because it appeals to me. It’s what I like to read myself and it builds on my idea for the book.

The husband is already talking about the book launch, which is funny, but also more encouraging than he could ever know.

I can see it now. Nicola Cassidy, published author. Sure why not?


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