Why you really need to bring WaterWipes to a festival

waterwipes festival

The good people at WaterWipes issued a press release today to remind all those festival goers to pack a pack of wipes to ensure full beauty regime is kept up this summer. “Festival season can turn skincare routines on their head while partying through can take its toll on your skin,” they say. “After a long day of festival fun, when your face has taken a beating from makeup, sun, sweat and dirt, a good cleansing routine is essential.”

water wipes festivalWell my friends. They’re right. Festival fun is tough on your skin. But, I think they missed a trick. And they’re confused about the weather. A pack of WaterWipes is not just a-throw-in -the-bag-as-you-go-out-the-door type of item. It is an ESSENTIAL part of your festival journey. Here’s why.

1) It will rain

Forget cleansing your sun-bronzed skin. You’ll be hacking dried cacks of muck from your nostrils. The mud will be everywhere! Use wipes to declog the worst of the muck from your wellies before you set out to trek again. They’re lighter that way

waterwipes festival
Damn boot’s so…heavy

2) There’s no sinks

Portaloos are a fantastic invention to (wo)man that have helped save many the soggy field from our proffered bottoms. Sometimes there will be sinks. Sometimes, some really cool festival organisers will set up washing troughs for humans. But mostly there won’t be. So use your wipes to clean your hands. Hygenic.

waterwipes festival
Why. Is there never. Any. LOO ROLL????

3) There will be no loo roll

Because people rob it all or in some hilarious not hilarious pranks, stuff it all down the massive hole that is a portaloo. So use your wipes!

4) Pillow talk

Seasonsed festival goers will remember their pillows. Others may be robbed. Stack your water wipes behind your head, throw a jumper over and voila, the Ritz, in your tent, by yourself. 5 star.

waterwipes festival
Festival Ready.

5) Ok the face

Right, so the press release said you will want to cleanse your face ‘after a long day of festival fun’. This should be ‘three and a half days’ of festival fun. At which point you will have old make-up, new make-up, yesterday’s make-up, muck, beer, somebody’s saliva, and likely war paint plastered across your face in a smudged butterfly shape (with glitter). Then, you will want to cleanse your face.

waterwipes festival
I love dancing. I love life. I love WaterWipes.

So there you have it folks. Pack the wipes. You’ll be glad LadyNicci told you so.

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8 Comments on Why you really need to bring WaterWipes to a festival

  1. hey, this is a must at festivals. When we went to Reading I used about 3 packs of wipes they were a godsend to try and freshen up a bit. Ive never actually tried these water wipes though.

    • Yes Waterwipes are an Irish brand – they’re made in my home town! hoping to get glasto tickets next year, we’ll see 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to a festival as its not really my thing but I know if I did I would definitely be packing wipes. I use wipes for everything and always have a pack in my bag and car because you never know when you need them x

  3. I can imagine that Water Wipes will be handy in all sorts of situations but festivals most of all due to the mud and dirt around. At least if you have a pack with you then not only are they great for removing make up but to clean yourself and the area around you too.

    • Yes Waterwipes are an Irish brand – but think the brand is growing. really good brand actually – they’re made in my home town! so now you know what to pack in your camping bag next time 🙂

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