Autumn / Winter Beauty Trends – in the (Mammy) bag

*This is a collaborative post*

I’ve been going out a lot lately. A few things have come up that we had tickets to – a concert, a comedy gig and then there was the book launch. I was invited to a mad rave or something there on Saturday but I had to let it go.

Not. Able.

It’s funny how for months, I gave out stink about not getting out and then when the opportunity does come up to head out for a few drinks, I’m like, ah you’re grand, sure I’ll just have a cup of tea here in me pajamas.


I know I’m getting old when I couldn’t tell you one artist in the charts right now. Or do charts even exist with all this streaming malarkey? And then if I do happen to be passing by the TV when there’s a music video on all I can think is – is she even legal to be out? She’s only a CHILD!

I know I’m getting old when I order clothes from websites splattered with bright young things and try them on and realise – they’re for bright young things. Teeny weeny Barbie clothes don’t cover my older, just spat out two kids Mammy body. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of myself for expanding the womb and all that and you know, keeping children alive with just my boobs, but still, I miss the 24 year old me.

Isn’t it funny how you never appreciate what you have when you have it? Freedom. Youth. Hot pants.

Recently I was contacted by Ellisons to work on a collaborative post about Autumn / Winter beauty trends and their salon supplies for businesses. Lads, there’s hope for me yet. (First of all that they contacted me, second of all, for what I’m about to show you.)

My first reaction was to go, ah here, what the hell would I know about beau… and then I thought, no. I wear make-up every day. I like to look nice. I spend money on products! (Not much mind, but I always have a supply of foudation and the good black eye stuff).

Make-up and beauty trends aren’t just for the beauty bloggers and the young ones. If anything, people of my calibre (over 30 ahem) probably need a little more assistance than most. (No offence now, I’m not saying you look like a bag of cats, I’m just saying, it’s harder to keep up with the trends like). (Jesus I’m worn out trying to be beauty PC here).

I remember a few years ago realising that fashion had left me behind. I was standing with a group of younger girls (my friend’s sisters’ friends) and I looked down at the ground. Every single one of them were sporting some class of shoe with a particular type of heel – I can’t remember what, a wedge or platform or block or something. Mine had the opposite – a flatter fronted shoe and I thought… oh God, I’m still in my 20s and I’m out of date.

Since then I have a new policy. There comes a point where you just can’t be a whippersnapper or on trend. It’s exhausting. And expensive. But you have to try.

That’s the policy. You have to try.

Buying totally on trend clothes isn’t always an option. It’s confusing. And scary. And mortifying and you may (probably will) end up looking like a big eejit. And that’s not to mention the cost. But I’ve found there are little things you can do to help make you feel at least a little… I dunno on fleek. (See what I did there?)

That’s not to say there aren’t talented people out there of all ages who manage to stay entirely fashionable and wear stuff that suits them at all times of the day. But they’re just annoying. And to be admired. For others, like me, you’ll probably fall into a, this suited me back then, so I’m still going to go with it now look. A classic.

The little tricks I’ve been using over the past few years since I stopped going out regularly and became a hermit have been all to do with the small things. Keep the classic look. Be comfortable. But update it with the following little bits, all of which are usually inexpensive.

LadyNicci’s top tips for keeping on trend for people who can’t cope with not being 24 anymore but still love going out drinking and messing.

*Hair. Balayage. Learn the word, ask for it. You’ll feel wonderful. Highlights are not cool anymore. Did you know that? (They may or may not be the same thing)

Balayage. The face on himself when I tell him what I’m getting done in the hairdressers.

*Jewellery. No dangly earrings (well not really, not like how I used to stack them up before). Chokers are in. At first I felt a bit weird wearing them but now I love them and have a whole heap of them for different outfits. They make me feel like a YOUNG WAN.



*Make-up. I think make-up is one of the easier things to keep up to date with. Changes can be so subtle. But you have to be brave. I haven’t yet chanced the Oasis eyebrow look, simply because I think it looks, well shite. But on some women it’s lovely. I have however been dabbling in the blood lipstick line. I only just discovered that was the name of it, when looking over the trends Ellisons sent me on for this piece. I thought YAH, I’m on trend, still got it! Not what my mother said the first time I wore it though. (You’re not going out looking like that, are you? Her actual words).


Sourpuss vampire on the train.

*Shoes. My last tip is the lesson I learned from surveying cooler people around me. Buy new shoes, regularly. Buy the heels that are in, as low or as high as you are comfortable with. Put on two stone? Who cares, I’ll take these in a size six please.

To prove that I am actually ‘on fleek’ I’ve included Ellisons guide for lip trends this Autumn and Winter. There’s some pretty nice shades going on. And I should know. Sure don’t I have them all?


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  1. Great post, I often feel the same when I see music video and it makes me fell old – and I’m only 28 so not really that old at all! Love all your style tips. I had my hair done balyarge a year or two ago and loved its natural look.

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