10 places you need to wear a shirt dress to

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Does it belong in his or my wardrobe?

I LOVE shirt dresses. I don’t know where the penchant for them came from, but I have a few hanging around waiting for me to finish up at slimming world and dive right back into them. Only joking, shirt dresses cover a multitude so the only excuse I have not to be back in them is… my preference for festering in pajamas.

Anyhoo, I’ve decided I’m going to make an effort and start stocking up on more of them. Here’s why I love shirt dresses.

  1. They usually come with sleeves. Do you know how hard it is to get clothing with sleeves? In Ireland? It’s like some sleeve loving zombie has gone into all the shops and hacked them off. I hate putting cardis over lovely outfits – but, no need with a trusty sleeve filled shirt dress
  2. One button or two. To the top or not? The choice is yours – how brave you feel, how big is the gap between the buttons? Open up and feel the breeze.
  3. Get out the legs. From the knee down, I look great. No cankles. Only one stress fracture on the front of my foot. Further up, I prefer to cover up and with the gentle flow of a shirt dress – sorted.

Here’s my pick of shirt dresses for Summer 2016 and ten places you can wear them to.

1.Shopping on a Saturday Afternoon

Boohoo floral €27

Sleeves. Check. Floral. Check. Hot to trot. Check! Pick up this dress from BooHoo.com for a very comfortable  €27.

2.The office

wrap dress rust Mis guideded €28.00

Love the colour of this dress (and the flash of the thigh). It won’t break the office wardrobe bank either at only €28 from Missguided.

3.The cocktail party

Closet Dress €81.69 ASOS

Sophisticated. Friday feeling. I can smell the syrupy margaritas from here. This is a Closet dress available from ASOS at €81

4.Coming back from the gym

VIla Utiity Belted Shirt Dress €49.29 ASOS

Or anywhere you want to wear your runners from. This dress is a VILA dress from ASOS at €49.

5.The festival

Boohoo shirt €27 dress

Maybe I picked this dress because she has a festival hat on. But I love dresses with white collars like this and the floaty material. You can buy this on Boohoo.com for €27.

6.The coffee date

Pimkie Denim Dress €40.83

Denim shirt dresses bring me back to my all over denim days back in the 90s. Nostalgia! Hopefully you won’t be as tall as this lass and it’ll cover a bit more of your legs, making it a very stylish and comfortable dress to arrive to meet your friends in. This dress is on ASOS at €43.

7.The nightclub

Shirt Dress Asos €49.29

What a fun dress and I love the colour too. I think I’d match this dress with flats for those late afternoon drinks that end up in a nightclub. Yes, thooooose nights. You can pick this up from ASOS at €49.

8.The Fancy Dress Party

Pink Dress €35.21 ASOS

As a playboy bunny or a school girl. Either which – sexy! I would love to be able to pull this off, but to be fair, I’d be lucky to pull it off over my head. I found it on ASOS at €35.

9.The bedroom

shirt dress misguided €42

Good janey. Where else could you wear this to? Missguided have this on sale at €42.


RI Colour Block Dress €77.46 ASOS

To ask for forgiveness. This is a River Island Dress: €77 – from ASOS.

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