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Simply Be asked me some time back to pick some items from their website for review on LadyNicci. When I clicked on the site I quickly realised that their specialty is plus size and for someone who’s had a baby and has had tons of trouble shifting the baby weight… well you could either laugh (which I did) or cry. (Which I probably also did at another point. It’s my new favourite thing to do).

Never fear however – they don’t just feature plus size, almost all their clothes start at size 10 or 12, so there was no issue in that department. I had a good look through their site and decided in the end to choose a pair of grey jeggings, a navy pussy bow blouse and a navy chi chi dress for review. I had this idea that my blog post would be a day, evening and night time style feature along the theme of navy items highlighted by dramatic pink lipstick. Instead, we’ve ended up with a random three photos that my husband managed to snap of me in our kitchen and back garden and in all photos I’m sporting my favourite pink stilettos. Mum style!

Amber Pull On Skinny Jeggings

I chose these jeggings as grey is a colour I like in trousers and they looked like they’d be long enough for lanky me. (They don’t call me ‘the long one’ at home for nuthin). There’s a few things you want when choosing jeans I think. That the zip closes. That they feel soft. Comfortable. That they’re not too high or too low or too… Simon Cowell. Not a lot to ask me thinks.

Except it is of course. Finding jeans you love is a blimmin nightmare. These days I tend to pick up cheap and cheerful items and hope for the best. I’ll give them a whirl for a while and then dump or donate. My waistband is all over the place post baby, (post binge eating, drinking, waaaaaaaa) so jeggings are a staple of my wardrobe.

And these babies are here to stay. I loved the length, they were soft and they came a good bit up my waist to pull in the tummy. Overall I felt like they were holding me in all over and sometimes you just want to be held!

I just clicked into the website so check the link and had to wipe my eyes to see these particular ones are on sale at £6. Six! These are the size 10 and I found them very true to size – I had in my head that because Simply Be specialise in plus size, they might be larger or more roomy, but that wasn’t the case. At that price, I think I’ll order myself two more pairs and one in a bigger size so that I can be a bit slouchy. Winning.


Loved the jeans. Not so much the modelling. I don’t know if I’m smiling or grimacing, but behind the camera was a half naked child banging on the back door wondering why Daddy was in the garden taking photos of Mammy in the freezing cold and no coat on…

Navy Pussy Bow Blouse


I picked a navy pussy bow blouse because I wanted something smart and chic and that you could wear to the office and head straight out after. (I don’t know why, soon I won’t have an office job, nor have I gone out after work for a few years now, but still, it’s nice to know I could if I wanted to).

I felt this was the type of top you could wear to dinner, or to the cinema or to wine evening or to the pub. Or court. The possibilities are endless!

I really loved the fit to this blouse. It’s taken me a while but I’ve come to realise that sleeves are one of the most flattering things you can wear. Bare arms are out. In out. Shake your sleeves all about. Still, it can be hard to find nice tops with sleeves and for some reason, in this freezing country, most tops I see still come sleeveless or with tiny cap sleeves.

On this top, the sleeves which went right down to my wrists and a bit over my hands, which left me feeling cosy. I liked the length of the blouse too and the cut around the tummy. I felt it covered me up, but I didn’t feel like a baggy balloon either. Here I’m wearing the size 10 blouse.

Yep, the only photo I liked was the one of me staring at my shoes. They are nice shoes though.

I couldn’t resist putting together a mood board of other accessories from Simply Be’s site to match up this blouse. I have one pair of over the knee boots that have gotten great wear. The ones pictured look pretty comfy and soft. With the detail on the blouse I thought stud earrings would work best and the bag is something that would be a stable of my wardrobe. Rock n roll. Overall verdict for this blouse? See you in court.


Bag: Kate Studded Clutch Bag £20
Boots: Sam Boots £50
Earrings: Crystal Glitz Stud Earrings £24
Watch: French Connection £74


Chi Chi Cutwork Midi Prom Dress

I picked this cut out dress because I loved the look of the material and I thought the shape would be flattering. When it arrived it felt really heavy in my hands and I couldn’t wait to step into it.

I know Chi Chi have a range for curves, which is featured throughout their site and I’m not sure if this is part of it, but for some reason, the dress didn’t fit me that well. It’s only looking at the pictures now I see that waist is quite wide with the material going outwards at a part of the dress where I would always try to narrow it, as this is the narrowest part of me. I loved the dress, but I just didn’t love it on me!

In the picture of me wearing it you can see I’ve added a belt (it doesn’t even match that well!) but I wanted to nip in the waist. I think this dress would suit someone who is shorter than me and probably a bit fuller in the bust and waist.

I put together another mood board for this dress. I think it has a great look of ‘wedding guest’ about it don’t you think?




Shoes: Dolcis Victoria Heeled Sandals: £49
Earrings: Jon Richard Swarovski Crstal Earrings: £50
Bag: Michael Kors Gold Leather Clutch Bag: £106

So there you go, my review and photos from Simply Be. I loved working with these clothes and putting together the looks pictured here. What do you think of the items I picked? Would any be for you?

I received the jeggings, blouse and dress from Simply Be for review. All opinions are my own.

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