How I Write – Damien B. Donnelly

January 17, 2016 LadyNicci 0

Damien B. Donnelly was born in Dublin but moved to Paris to spend a year writing. He is a pattern maker, a poet, a hopeful novelist, photographer and baker of exceedingly delicious cakes.  He is […]

How I Write – Christine Doran

January 10, 2016 LadyNicci 2

Christine Doran is an unemployed copy-editor who spends her days drinking tea and writing, in between ferrying her children from place to place. She started out Irish but now lives in America. She describes herself […]

Review: B Toys and a Vlog!

January 7, 2016 LadyNicci 27

I don’t always trust himself. Sometimes he thinks he knows me, when he doesn’t. He might assume I’ll like something, and turn up with it or buy it for me and then there’s a huge […]

How I Write: Pam Lecky

January 3, 2016 LadyNicci 6

Pam Lecky was born and bred in Dublin. A historical fiction nut from an early age she recently decided to take up her pen to make her mark on the world. Her novel The Bowes […]

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