Five reasons we should all be like Jessica Jones. Everyday.

In case you’ve missed it, Jessica Jones is the Netflix adaptation of the Marvel comic series of an unlikely superhero, called, Jessica Jones. This hard-drinking, super strong, extra cool lady (don’t call her a lady, she’s not a lady) is set in New York and follows the story of raven haired and red lipped Jessica, a private investigator with a super strength power, as a result of a childhood accident. It’s worth a watch, in between Making a Murderer and getting your life back in order after Christmas.

Because it’s led by a woman, it took some convincing for himself to come on board. No doubt, this is the same in many households. Men associate series about women, for women. They think there will be puppies. There are no puppies. And that’s why I loved this production so much.

For the first time, in a long time, I was totally absorbed by the character that is Jessica Jones. Half way through I realised, here we are watching a whole series based on female character and it’s not about looks or her love life at all really. That is an achievement peoples. And here’s five reasons why we should all try to be like her, everyday.

1.You don’t have to nice to everybody all the time. Or any of the time.

jessica jones
Are you lookin at me? Pic source:

 Jessica’s not a bitch. She’s just Jessica. Oftentimes when women are assertive they are labelled bitches because women can’t be having the power you know. She does terrible things, she’s mean, she looks after herself, but she is ultimately a superhero, so underneath, she is a good soul. We should all try to adapt some of the Jessica hate every day. Stop trying to be so nice to everyone all the time. Be yourself.

 2. Heavy drinking is ok. Some of the time.

drinking jessica jones
Lovely, lovely drink. Pic source:

 Jessica is dealing with a lot. There’s the fact that she’s single, family-less, lonely, being controlled by a lunatic and not having much money. Oh and she can break a slab of marble off a wall and toss it in the air like a scrabble tile. Booze is her comfort. Whiskey is her friend. You feel her desperation when she searches her empty apartment, frantically hoping to find a drop of the good stuff; only to find bottle after bottle, drank. She has a drinking problem, but a bit like Father Jack in Father Ted, you love her all the more for it.

 3. Being modest about your talents is the way to go

jessica jones rubbish
Me? Superpowers? I’m rubbish, no really Pic source:

You’re half way through the series before you discover what Jessica’s talents are. This means you can fool the ‘I don’t want to watch superpower / zombie / fantasy programmes’ viewers, who will refuse point blank to watch a series because they have CLOSED MINDS. She doesn’t show off. She doesn’t exploit. In fact, like most talented people she is pretty coy and shy about what she can actually do. This is good. No one likes a show off

 4. The riding

jessica jones bedroom
Sweet Christmas is right. Pic source:

If you can, you should definitely take notes from Jessica’s bedroom activities for your own. Just sayin. It might help.

 5. Fashion can go and fook

jessica jones look
This is my ‘going to mass’ look. Pic source:

Jeans. Check. Boots. Check. Hoody. Check. Jessica is hot to touch yet you would never find a chalk of make-up near her. She’s more likely to pull a flagon of whiskey out of her handbag than a lipstick. And this is super-cool. Boys dig it. Stop caring; and they will flock.

Jessica Jones is available on Netflix now. I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive a free subscription for review purposes. All views my own.

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