Review: B Toys and a Vlog!

I don’t always trust himself. Sometimes he thinks he knows me, when he doesn’t. He might assume I’ll like something, and turn up with it or buy it for me and then there’s a huge amount of hand wringing and guilt on my part because… well I don’t.

I thought we were going to have one of those moments when we went to the toy store to see what Santa might like to bring our little girl, August. She’s only one and a half and can’t speak yet, never mind write, so we had to tell Santa ourselves what we thought she might like. But don’t worry, she’s pretty good with crayons already, so definitely, next year, she will have a say.

As we pulled up at the toy store, himself said, “I saw a range of toys I think you’ll really like.” “Hmmm,” I answered, because, you know. I’m a big cynic. I have a hard time believing he might be right.

I insisted we visit every aisle in the megastore because this is the first year Santa would be coming to August and it was important we got a good overview. She’s like a blank canvas. A clean slate. What Santa starts bringing her now, could affect her, for the rest of her life! (See here).

I double checked the boy toy aisles for two reasons. First, we think she maybe should have been born a boy. Here she is digging in the garden with a spade, aged one.

Digging and football. My favourites.

Secondly, we thought a farm yard would be something she might like and we were finding it hard to fine one we liked.

That was until we found this one. We liked this because it was sturdy, had a roundy shoot for balls (her fave) had really quirky little animals and loads for little fingers to play with (the lights come on when you open the barn door too, how cool is that?)

baa baa

As we stood looking at this particular farm set himself checked out all the toys around it and cried, “this is it! This is the range I was telling you about!”

We stood back and looked at the shelves where they were stocked and I had to admit, reluctantly, but also relievedly (I’m claiming that as a word, don’t care, english teachers) that the range was fab.

At the age the babog is at, a lot of toys aimed at her come with the big stink of plastic. Often times they seem to be franchised out, taken from a TV series and are more about the packaging, presentation and marketing, than what is actually inside.

These were different. They looked different. They were made with pastel colours and care. There was some thought. There were quirks. They looked french!

So the Baa Baa Farmyard and another toy, a boat which floats in the bath, called Splish and Fish were chalked down on Santa’s list.

Being the good blogger that I am, I got in touch with B Toys to see if they worked with people such as myself, and to our absolute surprise three gorgeous items arrived on our doorstep for review shortly afterwards.

We took the liberty of recording our review which you can watch here. As you can see, the little lady loves the camera, because she keeps trying to get away from me and headbutt it.

Our overall review was that these toys are head and shoulders above other ranges out there. The design, the concepts and the quality of the product which caught himself’s original eye, were matched by my own, super critical squinters.

Price wise, the toys average between €25 and €40 for the main range of toys, which turns out to be really good value having looked at other toys that have a huge name but poor product.

My B Toys

You can view the full range of toys at or follow on Twitter @MyBToys. You might also like to read this piece about their environmental credentials which I thought was fairly impressive.

So, if you’ve managed to get through the shock of me actually appearing on camera, I’ll leave you with some images of August playing (whacking) with Whacky Ball, Parum Pum Pum and the Underwater Zoo. Please don’t judge the state of dress. It was Christmas and elf suit and pajamas are OBLIGATORY.

Whacky ball

Parum PUm

underwater zoo

We received this set of toys complimentary for review purposes. All views are mine and my baby’s. I think for her. That’s my job. I’m her Mam.

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27 Comments on Review: B Toys and a Vlog!

  1. These look really lovely – I don’t think I’ve come across this range before, although a couple that you reviewed are similar to my daughter’s favourite toys at that age. The farmyard is lovely, my three-year-old still loves playing with all her animal figures.

    • I think farmyards are uni-sex too, which I like. Hopefully she will have it for years. They are stocked in Smyths here in Ireland x

  2. These look lovely and I love the format of the intro that was refreshing. It is true that when people claim to know what we like or are thinking that is the complete opposite of what we actually want.

    • Although they have the best of intentions, hence the guilt! Yes, it’s a genuine review, we really do love the brand and I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of it in this house!

  3. I haven’t heard of this brand before but it sounds like such great range. The farm looked awesome my little boy would have loved that. I prefer a more traditional toy myself but my little boy being 2 and a half is now really into toys from TV, Toy Story is a huge hit at the moment. Thanks for sharing the review.

    • Our little one loves Toy Story too – but doens’t know the toy range yet. I like these because they’re more classic and hopefully will last longer. It’s all about getting the mix right isn’t it. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I love the photos where she is digging, So adorable. You made such a lovely review about the products. I think this is a good product to gift their little one.

  5. This range looks really good, I agree that it looks better quality than a lot of the spin off toys. I love the farm, the little animal figures are brilliant, really colourful and detailed. I think she looked quite taken with the drum kit too, even if she does use it mostly as a storage box! That’s a bit of a bonus for mum too lol 🙂

    • Thanks so much for watching Debbie! The animals are hilarious – a lot of thought gone into the design, everything is so quirky! Already this week she’s started hammering on the drum – they just need to learn how the things work. She keeps pushing the farm off the shelf though, so for now, it’s safely on the floor!

  6. I love finding new sites for toys and it looks like your little one really enjoyed them! The underwater zoo will certainly keep little ones entertained for a long time 🙂 x

  7. We love activity cubes when N was small. Even now aged nearly 5 he’ll gravitate towards them if doctors waiting rooms have them. Looks like it was a nice selection

    • It was a lovely selection. That’s where August first saw the block too in the doctor’s GP. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi Ali, defo, she is still playing with them all, I’ve put some away to keep them fresh for a weeks time.

  8. These look like some fabulous toys. I have a 4 year old girl who wants nothing to do with any type of girlie toy…so super heroes and avengers it is. Even her room is decorated that way. Thank you for linking up with #momsterslink. Hope to see you again this week. ?Trista

    • Thanks Trista, enjoyed linking up – I still have to do my homework, I’ll be doing it tomorrow! Behind on my linkies this week.

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