Review: Ziaja Argan Oil Hand and Face Cream

All is forgiven Bill. Karma. The world is right again. The donkey socks never arrived but something else did. I know you didn’t actually send the package Bill, but I have to believe that you put those good vibes out into the universe and they sailed across the Irish sea, bundled themselves into a white paper parcel and landed at my doorstep. In Ireland. (Not part of the UK). (Read all about Bill and the donkey socks).

It was a child who delivered them to the door. A grumpy child. I was cowering behind it like I usually do, leaving my whole body behind the full door, one leg holding the westie dog who thinks she’s an alsatian back, one arm clinging to my baby. Only my forehead appears and the tops of my eyes – just enough to see who it is, but certainly enough body language to say: ‘go away’. I hate answering the door. I hate being quizzed by randomers about who my energy supplier is.  And I never have any change for charity muggers. (I use tolls a lot).

Children are ALWAYS looking for money and to be fair, how can you deny a child a euro for their playground / scouts / football team fund? This girl however handed ME a package. It had my address on it. And my phone number. And I was just about to question her as to what it might be, when I saw the courier van exit our estate, driven by her Dad. Obviously.

Inside the package I found these.

protective face cream


hand cream

I thought, wow, isn’t being a blogger great? I asked in my bloggers’ Facebook group – did any of ye get this delivery? Isn’t it lovely? But noone had. And so then I felt extra special.

I used the hand cream. Being the Cinderella type (do loads of housework, have an ugly sister, often lose one shoe) my hands are as rough as a plasterer’s palm and so I regularly carry moisturisers with me. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t holding out much hope. I thought the packaging was a bit plain and I didn’t think it looked expensive enough to be amazing. But it was. The real test of hand cream is the half an hour afterwards. If your hands feel clammy, your hand cream is jammy. And so a massive moisturised thumbs up from me.

The face cream I only got to try last night. My face gets neglected. It’s just the way things are these days. I need industrial tweezers to get those brows back under control at the minute. And even though flakes often fall from my face, like a winter snow storm in my own bedroom, I’m really bad at putting cold cream on. It looks like it will do the job, and if it’s anything like the hand cream, it will.

So that was grand. I thought, must write that review, because I really like what I’ve been sent here. I decided to check the envelope, the one I’d prised from the hands of the grumpy child and it was then that I made my discovery. It was my address alright. And my phone number. But the name was wrong. The package was addressed to a different blogger. The products weren’t meant for me at all!

Too late. They were already open. The product was now in my pores. And while I enjoy the slip slap slop of my new favourite beauty range, one poor blogger is anxiously watching the post, scratching her head and wondering why her product for review has not yet arrived. Don’t worry my love. We’ve all been there. Just ask Bill.

Ziaja Natural Argan Oils Protective Face Cream is priced at €6.99 and Ziaja Natural Argan Oils Protective Hand Cream is priced at €3.99. A range of Ziaja products can be ordered direct from

Disclaimer: I do not have an ugly sister. She’s very beautiful in fact. I received no payment for this review: sure they don’t even know I’m writing it yet.

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20 Comments on Review: Ziaja Argan Oil Hand and Face Cream

    • Oh we live nearby to each other so think it was just a simple error. It’s ok, have made sure other blogger will be receiving her items too. So all is good and new brand fans! Thanks for the comment x

  1. Well, this seems pretty good compensation for the donkey socks – and a decent hand cream is my holy grail (never used it pre-daughter, now wash my hands a billion squillion times a day and so have tubes dotted everywhere before my hands crack completely).

    • I know, I always get poo on my hands so they have to be washed at least three times before I feel clean again! My hands really are like sandpaper. It goes everywhere with me now, else I don’t feel normal. It’s like my lippy!

  2. Sounds like amazing hand cream (always needed in our house) and face cream :). I hope the other blogger still isn’t waiting but it sounds like it makes up for the donkey socks? xx

    • Totally makes up for the donkey socks! no, have checked, other blogger will be getting her products soon, so all is good again 🙂 yes would def recommend – and won’t break the bank either.

    • So good, they’re getting the thumbs up from the IPB anyway! And would be great for Christmas stockings too I think x

  3. ?? whoops. Who doesn’t love a good mostieriser!? I certainly do all those dishes definitely do take their toll on my hands. In fact I have three bottles around the house. ☺️☺️ x

    • So are you a Cinderella type too Tanita? Sounds like there’s a few of us around! Well def recommend this one anyway x

  4. Funny review.
    I’d say there’s loads of those kind of people around who keep getting bloggers mixed up. I had one occasion like that only a few months back too. You would think if they offer you something like this they record who gets what.

    • Aw it was a simple mix up, the other blogger lives near to me so I can see how it happened. I got a good deal out of it though!

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