Get the look – Vera Wang on the cheap

You know what I’ve never done? A style post. All these lovely bloggers I follow publish pics of their dresses and shoes and shiny skinniness when they attend events. I LOVE looking at the pics, so today, I thought I’d join in.

Get ready. LadyNicci is very fashionable. (Laughter)

Yesterday was my good friend Elaine’s wedding day. Elaine is beautiful! She’s also an avid fan of this blog and technically I’m responsible for her engagement. I wrote a piece about visiting Keywest, Florida; she read it, booked a holiday there and that’s where the question was popped. ALL. MY. DOING.

I’ve been a bit broke over the past few weeks. Ok, I’ve been broke for a lot longer than that, so a new dress was out of the question. I decided to go with a Monsoon number I’d picked up earlier in the year for a work do. This was a score, because it was guaranteed nobody would have seen it before. To everyone else is was brand new!

Bonnie Tulle dress Monsoon

To add a bit of va va vrrrrrrooooom I added my gigantic black tulle skirt I got from for the Irish Parenting Blog Awards. I was dying to wear this skirt again, mostly because it’s frickin massive and needs to justify its 3m x 3m squared living space at the top of my wardrobe.

Tulle Petticoat LadyNicci.comWhen I’d decided on the outfit, I realised I couldn’t go barefoot and that’s what was going to happen unless I got myself into town sharpish and bought new cloghoppers. Because my going out days are over limited, my heel supply is running very low these days. There’s a few new pairs of mammy runners. And flat boots are now a staple. So I had to learn to walk again in these.


Black suedette sandals

On the day of the wedding I added a necklace I bought last year on the side of the road in Newcastle. It was a market stall, but still, it was on the side of the road. I usually wear the necklace at full length and its so heavy it tilts my whole head forward, like a cow wearing a really large bell. For this outfit I wrapped it around and it really helped with the keeling over problem.

And here is how it all came together. As you can see I looked so amazing I was being snapped everywhere I went. You see that lady behind? She’s taking pictures of me over her shoulder. Being a fashionista is awesome.

One lady stopped me to say her daughter had bought a Vera Wang dress and it looked very like the one I was wearing. After I picked myself up after that comment and came back to the husband and the new friends we’d just made, we talked about Vera Wang for a minute before quickly moving the conversation onto wangers. Cos that’s how we roll.

Here’s how we looked at the end of the night. Still got it.

Bonnie Tulle Dress: £45 from Monsoon – I could only find the pink currently on sale online
Black Petticoat Skirt: €40 from
Black Suedette Halter Sandal: €35 from Shoerack
Beaded necklace: £20 Good luck finding the stall in Newcastle

And that’s my first fashion post. Wasn’t too bad, was it??

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