Ten ways Peppa Pig brings sunshine to my days

I’m aware that all my blog posts lately have either been about writing or TV. That’s because when I’m not writing, I’m watching television. With the child. If I had a choice I wouldn’t be in front of the square box. I’d be in the Bahamas, or out for a run (HA, not) or probably back at the desk. But when you have a small child and need to look after her, children’s television is part of your life. It’s like breakfast, or pajamas or your water bill. Just, there.

I’ve previously written about In the Night Garden and had a good old rant about Paw Patrol. I didn’t expect my Paw Patrol vitriol to be received with such joy, but it was, because the show is Beezelbub’s world accepted medium of inserting hell into your life.

It’s not all bad though. There are some shows that I love to sit and watch with the little one. I like Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, with its clever script and sassy Nanny Plum. We like Curious George, because the jazzy piano music reminds us (me) of Seinfeld. Masha and the Bear is pretty awesome with its orchestral scores. And then there is Peppa Pig.

Peppa, Peppa, Peppa. Before I had the terrorist (she’s one and a half, nearly two, all two year olds are terrorists) I had stared at the colourful pink pig, wondering why her nose came out the side of her face. I didn’t get the 2D thing. I thought she looked stupid. And I didn’t want to know her.

And then of course it was on and I started to watch and I realised that she had a cute voice and I began to get to know her. Now, she is like my daughter’s friend; a playdate that calls over or knocks on the door 17 times a day.

I know there are Peppa haters out there. I see lots of complaints online, people whinging that they have to watch over and over again. But I don’t get that. I could watch her all day. And even if it does come to it that I tire of her and I look back on this post and want to stick sausages in my eyes there is one positive to take from it all. Each episode is only six minutes long. Anyone can sit through that, right?

Ten reasons why Peppa Pig brings forth joy


peppa snort

  1. The snorts

It was my daughter who introduced me to the snorts. She did it by making this noise.


You make the noise by dragging the air through the back of your nose. You know, like a snot. It’s endearing and disgusting all at the same time. If she sees a picture of Peppa Pig, in the supermarket, on a top, she will break into a back of the head snort and then have a good laugh with herself. When you watch the programme you’ll realise that Peppa and her family throw these snorts in, randomly, through everything they say. It’s cute. Very cute.



  1. The accents

Peppa has a lovely husky voice and a lovely British accent. She’s not too posh, like the Queen, just lovely and polite and endearing. The show is packed with accents. The vet is from Yorkshire. The teacher from France. And Mrs Zebra is from Ireland, in a bit of a Far and Away effort. So she is, so she is. I love sitting there waiting for the next accent to come out some random animal’s mouth. It keeps it interesting.


  1. The politeness

You can’t have a posh accent without being polite. They go hand in hand, trotter in trotter. And in this show everyone is polite and kind. Except Peppa. She’s a bitch. More on that later.

  1. The jealousy

This is the bitchy bit. Peppa is like every other five/six year old girl I’ve met. Self-righteous. Precious. And jealous when her friends have things that she doesn’t. Have you seen the whistling episode? Press play. Comedy gold.


  1. The baby George

I love George. The only thing he does is say dinosaur, follow Peppa around and cry, giant baby tears. And he’s so small. You just want to lift him up and cuddle the little bacon off him. I love that he and Peppa share bunk beds. He’s the baby brother you always wanted. To eat.


  1. The humour

Children’s programmes that can make adults laugh are WINNERS. Peppa Pig regularly makes me laugh, and when I laugh, the terrorist laughs, even when she doesn’t get the joke. In every show, there is at least one funny moment, of either comic timing or just good old humour. Like the scene where Granpa Pig is out showing the little ones the hens at night and he shines a torch and Mr Fox is there and no one asks why Mr Fox is there. HE’S THERE TO EAT THE CHICKENS.

big belly

  1. The rivalry

Peppa shows her jealous side time and time again, but Grandpa Pig and Grandpa Dog got it going down! I love that the show has its true life rivalries and also that Daddy Pig denies he has a big belly. Everytime!


peppa pig boots

  1. The stick legs

So. Cute. And then they put boots on to go outside.


  1. The laughs

Have you heard the spider laugh? Or the hedgehog? I swear, they sound like angels from heaven above. You cannot feel angry when you hear these tinkles. Record them and set them as your ringtone. Just like you used to in the 90s.

swimming costumes

  1. The swimming costumes

Have you seen George’s trunks? Nuff said.

Peppa Pig is available on Netfix. I am a member of the #StreamTeam which means I receive a complimentary subscription for review purposes.  So… are you a Peppa lover or hater? Comments below…

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