Get the look – Christening Mama Style

It was a rainy, cold and wet November day but our Sunday was filled with warmth, curry and joy as we officially welcomed the latest addition of the extended clan into the world.

My first niece, Annalynn was born in September and to mark this hugely special occasion we gathered in my family home to celebrate after the church ceremony.

Having a party at home is hugely relaxing for those attending. Not so much the hosts, but the mother did announce that she was ‘getting into her slippers’ not long after the party started, so there are benefits to deciding to dine and drink in one’s own house.

Deciding what to wear to a christening can be a difficult task, especially for the Mum of the baby. If you’re breastfeeding you need easy access, if it’s soon after the birth you’re likely to be carrying extra baby weight and you know full well that there’ll be plenty of photos causing added pressure. You also have the day to night thing to think about – if you’re planning on a big celebration.

Annalynn’s Mammy is an exception to all womankind. I seem to hang around with a lot of amazing women who zap back to their pre-baby figure within what seems like minutes of birth. Having gone through my own experience of carrying all the baby weight for a year after our little one’s arrival I have learned that every woman is (of course) different and not to beat myself up about it. So don’t beat YOURself up looking at these photos okay?

Jen looked fabulous, so much so that I had the phone out snapping before she even had a cup of tea. And while everyone chattered about the baby and how much weight she was gaining and who she looked like (me apparently, God help her) we spent ages talking about clothes. Because there is a fashion life after maternity.

Jen went big budget on her skirt but it was this that was the focus of the outfit. It has a great shape, fabric and eye catching colour. It also has a hugely slimming effect by drawing attention to the smaller waist and hiding the bum and thighs. Loved it.

Coro Skirt CoastOn top Jen cleverly teamed up two tops that allowed her to breastfeed with ease. She went with a cowl neck bodysuit from Asos, with long sleeves (I love long sleeves, so hard to find) and a cammy top from Penny’s for €2. cowl neck bodysuit As this outfit had lots of vintage style elements, Jen chose a detailed black choker with Victorian effects.

jen necklace

Jen had a pair of shoes she’d bought from Shoe Rack for her hen but which she never wore. (Hence, the pinkness). They looked fab with the outfit. These are the nearest we could find.

pink lace up shoes

And here is how it all came together.

jen outfit


jen outfit side

There was another little lady who stood out on the day. Mostly because she was wearing a huge white dress and was the tiniest human in the room.

baby annalynn

What a beaut. Happy Christening day Annalynn Ailish Fiona. You have a very stylish Mummy. I hope you inherited it. Because if you take after your Daddy – my brother – you’re looking at a lifetime of converse and t-shirts. Not that that’s bad either. Just won’t make for very interesting blog posts, capiche?

Coro Skirt: £109 from Monsoon
Missguided Cowl Neck Bodysuit: €26.47 from Asos
Black Lace Stone Necklace: £12.99 from New Look
Play the Game Lace Up Shoes: €51.47 from Asos

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18 Comments on Get the look – Christening Mama Style

  1. I love the green skirt and the leotard. This is the kind of outfit I really want to buy and wear however need my tummy to be a bit flatter first. Annalynn looks beautiful too what a lovely dress. x

    • Thanks Mrs, it is a lovely outfit. It was Annalynn’s second dress of the day, she was christened in our family christening robe first. Cutie!

  2. Wow, she looks amazing – love the shoes with that green. I’ve still got baby weight and more nearly 5 years after, but I’m on a mission now. Unlike my best friend who snapped straight back into her size 8s with no problem.

    • Sickner! For me it took a full year. But honestly, I have a good few friends who zapped back straight away. So unfair! 🙂

  3. Hey converse are very comfortable. 😉 I wear them daily. I’m not the girly girl really. Only occasional. High heels isn’t something I’d wear. But the top is so clever. That reminds me my little woman still hasn’t been christened. Oops.

    • There’s still plenty of time Janine! Ah yeah, I’m all about the comfort too. But I was always a heels kinda girl. Have found since being a Mum it’s just not practical. So still wear them out. On the rare occasion that happens!

  4. This is great! My daughter was blessed in our church as a baby and is getting baptised in May next year when she turns 8. I’m really looking forward to it and having a big party1 I love your outfit and the heels are fab!


  5. Happy Christening! Annalyn and I have the same name but spelled differently. Jen’s looks amazing and the skirt is very stylish so it’s worth it to splurge

  6. Ahhh they both look beautiful!!! I LOVE that skirt, that’d be gorgeous for christmas as I always think green is an underused colour during the holiday season – the necklace is stunning too. And what a beautiful little bubba, I love her name too! x

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