How I Write – Lorna Sixsmith

November 29, 2015 LadyNicci 0

Lorna Sixsmith is a farmer, author, social media trainer and blogger. She lives in the South East of Ireland on a dairy farm with her husband, son, daughter, 110 cows, three hens, six farm cats […]

How I Write – Elizabeth Hurst

November 22, 2015 LadyNicci 0

Elizabeth Hurst is from West Cumbria, UK and now lives in South Warwickshire. She was a voracious reader as a child but only started writing seriously in 2012. She has just published a novella called […]

How I write – Jax Miller

November 15, 2015 LadyNicci 2

Jax Miller was born in New York. She’s listed by Publishers Weekly as a top ten thriller of 2015 and was recently nominated for Best Crime Novel for her novel ‘Freedom’s Child’ in the Irish […]

Real author. High five.

November 9, 2015 LadyNicci 0

I’m a sucker for book launches these days. Free wine. Check. Books. Check. Chance to meet real authors. In like Flynn. On Friday night however, I got a chance to be more than involved. I […]

How I write – Andrea Mara

November 8, 2015 LadyNicci 12

Andrea Mara is a freelance writer and blogger, who lives in Dublin with her husband and three children. She attempts – often badly – to balance work, family and writing, then lets off steam on […]

The End. Book written. Now what?

November 1, 2015 LadyNicci 4

Oh hello little blog. You are still here. Staring at me blankly. Tapping your foot. Throwing your bloggy arms up to heaven and saying ‘where were you?’ Well, frankly, it’s not you. It’s me. I’ve […]