ChloBo – a new addition to my romantic bracelet relationship

Back when myself and himself were first dating, I announced that I would be heading off to Australia to study for a few months and that I would probably definitely be back and sure we should continue what we had going because we seemed to be pretty serious.

I wasn’t wrong. We’re married now. You can’t get much more serious than that. (Well divorce is pretty serious too, I suppose, but that’s a whole other blog post).

On the day I was due to leave, himself rocked up with a very beautiful torc-like white gold bracelet as a parting gift. It was sentimental. It represented something to us. And as I placed it on my wrist, I swore I would never take it off, at least not until I came home or died or something.

Well, I lost it. A few short months into my stay, it disappeared off my wrist. I’d been in a market and knowing that it had never fallen off before, I felt that it may have been stolen from my wrist, as it was such an eye-catching piece.

There were tears. And himself wasn’t too impressed.

When I had safely returned to Ireland, bracelet-less, and we had rekindled our jewellery shy relationship, another bracelet, almost identical to the last was produced the following Christmas.

I treasured it again, looked at it lovingly on my wrist and felt the cold hard flinch when one day, my handbag fell down my arm and snapped the bracelet after getting hung on the torc design. A trip to the jewellers and the most shoddy repair I’d ever seen later, the bracelet was retired to a jewellery box where I kept my communion rosary beads and fancy old things, like keys that open locks on suitcases from the 1980s.

We moved on from torc gate. I requested a charm bracelet a few years later when they were all the rage and I found it duly hidden in the Christmas tree, wrapped in a little box.

“What a surprise!” I exclaimed.

It truly was because I thought it was an engagement ring. He couldn’t understand my disappointment as I unwrapped the silver bracelet and the two charms he had picked. Didn’t I like it? Wasn’t it what I wanted?

Well yes. And no.

Just marry me for God’s sake.

I wore the bracelet. We added charm after charm. And when we did (finally) commit our serious relationship to the marriage Gods we selected a lovely charm on our honeymoon to add to my collection.

And where’s that bracelet now? I’m not actually sure to be honest, because it got so heavy that my little wrist couldn’t support it anymore and it got retired to the large jewellery box in the sky / junk drawer.

But now a new bracelet relationship has begun. One where torc snaggy designs and iron heavy charms no longer worry. And one, which I claimed all for myself, through this blog and the love I have for it. Himself has accused me of being more obsessed with it than him sometimes. He may be right. For look what it has given me now. This!


This my friends is a ChloBo charm bracelet, the very epitome of boho chic and the possible start of a new bracelet relationship history for myself. I was contacted by ChloBo to select and review a bracelet from this range. The bracelets are designed to be stacked, which means you can wear lots of them on top of each other and look… well bloody fantastic. The bracelets feature a little ChloBo tag and charm and they’re handcrafted in the UK. I selected the music note, as it reminds me of himself, who is a musician (aw) and it might remind me to sing the odd time, when no one’s expecting it.


I liked the delicate design of the ChloBo collection – they felt dainty and chic. There are gold choices too, but I stuck with silver as it fits in with my white gold wedding and engagement rings. I really liked the presentation of the bracelet – as you can see from the photos, they’d make a lovely gift could you bear to give one away.


Here’s a pic of me being a hand model. I don’t wear much jewellery anymore so this suits me at the moment. For festivals, going out and for the day when I return to something extinct from my life called ‘holidays’, I’ll be taking inspiration from these very fashionable ChloBo designs below.


Bracelet prices start at £45 but go higher, depending on the type you choose. You can also buy the bracelets in stacks. To find out more or to see the full ChloBo jewellery collection, gift guides and inspiration visit

So what next in our jewellery love affair?

Well don’t tell him, but I’ve heard, along with the 90s penchant for floral and doc martins, that chokers are back in.

This will be very pleasing to him. He’s had that ‘choking’ look in his eye for ages now. It comes with being in a serious marriage.

From bracelets, to weddings rings to chokers.

Till death us do part.


I received the ChloBo bracelet in return for an honest review.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your story of the original bracelet and the charm one. It’s a shame when something you love so much going missing/is stolen. But it’s great you’ve got a new love in the bracelet department! It looks really lovely.

    Jordanne ||

  2. Love the way you’ve written this. I have a pandora bracelet with lots of memory charms which has become to heavy like yours. I’ve never heard of this brand but the jewellery looks lovely x

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