Five reasons you should vote for LadyNicci in the Blog Awards Ireland

  1. I’m writing a listicle. All bloggers worth their salt know how to write listicles. Therefore, I am worth my salt.
  2. I’m nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland Parenting category. I had a baby. Therefore: winner.
  3. I have neglected my baby (on the odd occasion) to write my blog pieces. Don’t judge me. But surely – some reward to pay for the future therapy? (Is there money involved in this or wha?)
  4. I really really want an award. I just do.
  5. I’m considering bribes. Just let me know what you want in return and send email of confirmed online vote to:

There you have it folks. Delira to be shortlisted and if you have a moment or two, you can carry out the dirty deed here:

Many thanks y’all : )

PS none of this hanging around waiting to vote, saying ah yeah, I’ll do that later. You and I both know you won’t. So do it now! And that’s the last of me orders. Swear.


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