Blogging guilt: LadyNicci featured on Irish Parenting Bloggers

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Those closest to me know that I have become involved with a very tight-knit blogging group called Irish Parenting Bloggers. I discovered the group while doing some online research stalking earlier in the year.

I joined the group hoping to find a few new blogs to read, to network a little and to get involved with and attend their own blogging awards as the Irish Blog Awards were not happening in 2015. (They’ve since been reinstated under Ashville Media – looking forward to more information on that!)

But, in the group, I found so much more.

Social media is often cited as a bane to real relationships – a virtual world bearing no relation to the reality of day-to-day living. But, sometimes, social media can bring a whole group together in a very special way.

The Facebook page we share is full of insights into our lives, our problems, our misfortunes, our joys. It’s a place to vent for things we couldn’t post publicly, to consult for childhood illnesses, to get advice on the business of blogging. I spend more time on its feed than on my own  friends’ feed. I love it.

I’m delighted to appear on the home page of Irish Parenting Bloggers this week. In my ‘Five Minutes with’ interview I talk about how I got involved in blogging and what it means to me.

I’d encourage anyone who has an interest in blogging, either as a parent or on another subject that you’re passionate about to take the plunge. If you find a group that suits, you won’t look back.

You can read the interview here.

As a special note to the husband who tenses up every time he hears the word B_L_O_G, I’ll stop banging on about it now. This is for self-protection reasons. He’s about to club me to death with my own laptop.

Our conversation in the last 60 seconds.

“What are you doing?”
“I’m blogging.”
“About what?”
“About how you’re always giving out to me about blogging.”
“Are you serious?”
“Well how about your family leaves you and you can blog about that.”
I laugh.
He doesn’t.
“Her family NOT ie,” he says.
And I continue to type.



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9 Comments on Blogging guilt: LadyNicci featured on Irish Parenting Bloggers

  1. Blogging is tricky! I get so much out of it but it can so easily take over! I find I binge on it sometimes and then have to step back. I did have to laugh about your husband suggesting that leaving you would give you something to write about. My blog is about family days out so I’ve been asked often, ‘are we just doing this for the blog?’

    • I know, and often times I’m just going about my daily life and keep thinking – this would be a great blog post. Can’t live your life like that either. Crazy!

  2. Haha! I feel sorry for my family too sometimes, I’ve become a bit obsessed with blogging and everything is a potential blog topic. It’s so addictive 🙂

  3. That’s fab that you’ve found such a supportive group online… Hopefully if your venting there, it’ll give your hubby a rest from the blogging gossip too! 😉

  4. I think my husband feels like that also every now and then. Especially when I am mega busy with blogging and he doesn’t get a look in. I need to remember to calm down and take family time sometimes x

  5. This sounds familiar. Hubby always asks me what I am blogging about this time and there is no point talking to me in the next hour basically. Lol

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