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heavenly organics

I was contacted recently by Heavenly Organics Superfoods who are also a finalist in the Boots Maternity and Infant Awards. They sent me a lovely little pack of food items for the wee one to try and we were delighted. There were two reasons for this.

heavenly organics

  1. They came in a big box

Honestly hours of entertainment. I know it’s a cliché but stick a football in a cardboard box and my child would be amused for evermore. No more plastic crap thank you very much, she’s strictly into corrugated paper now.

  1. The items were great

I really like what Heavenly have done. They’ve made some very really clever products that anyone with children will appreciate. We tried the:

heavenly organics

Coconut Squishies

These are like mini smoothies made to fit small hands and she was able to carry them around with no bother. And no mess. Ok the mess part was a lie, but she enjoyed sucking it out of the carton. We also heated these up sometimes to give as type of dessert / snack and she liked it then too. They tasted just like a smoothie you would buy from a smoothie bar.

Football is thirsty work

Yummy Wafer Wisps

These were handy and it felt like there were enough in the box. I broke these up and gave them to her with cheese and fruit and she loved. You could also use them as a cracker and spread nutella or another equally wall painting substance on them. They were a bit ‘melty’ too, which she liked – not dry like you might expect other cracker products to be.

heavenly organic biscuits

Happy Halo Bites

Now these, we loved. They really were the business. I don’t know if you practice GIVE THE CHILD LOADS OF FOOD TO KEEP HER QUIET in your house but in our house, it happens throughout her waking hours. We tend to try and keep it to fruits and rusks and the odd Liga, but biccies have been known to make their way in there too. (Often directly from Mammy or Daddy’s hand on the way to their mouths). I would never give her dry cereal as a snack (mostly because we only stock Weetabix) but these are like that only way better. We had the apple and banana flavour and they tasted great. She enjoyed picking through them, eating them and playing with them. And genuinely, they did keep her occupied when we were trying to get on with our tasks. I liked that they came in a resealable pouch too, which was massive, so you felt like you were getting good value from a pack.

i love you
Baby can even write messages using Halo Bites. Wow, she’s so clever my baby.

As a marketer, I was very impressed with the branding on this product. They use cute little cartoons alongside pictures of real fruit and vegetables contained in the food products and they cite that they try to be as transparent as possible on their labelling. The products are all based on superfoods, which are foods that pack way above their weight in the nutritional stakes. You can learn more about the ethos of the company at

cartoon heavenly

Heavenly Organics Superfoods are currently stocked in SuperValu in Ireland. You can vote for this product in the Boots Maternity and Infant Awards 2015. And sure while you’re at it, throw LadyNicci a vote too. She won’t mind at all. Honestly.

I received these products courtesy of Heavenly Organics for review purposes. All views my own.


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  1. I feel really sad that these are only in Ireland right now as I would be straight to the supermarket trying them out if I could!
    We only use one brand of baby product beginning with an E so I would of loved to give these a go

  2. I love how popular organic baby foods have come lately, it’s so much better than the processed stuff. I love organic products so I’m sure when/if I have children I’ll definitely be buying everything organic for them!

    • Ha, I started off with notions like that too. Somedays though I’m just happy if she has food in her belly, dog nuts included LOL

  3. Baby foods on the go have come along way since I had babies.It’s great to see their are companies who care about what goes inside babies.

  4. The products look amazing and delicious! I’m not a mommy, but I’m so glad there are so many bloggers reviewing baby related products! It will make my life easier 🙂

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