100 things that make Irish people happy

Today is International Day of Happiness. I know this, because I googled ‘happiness day’ about six months ago. I had started working on a piece about the small things that made us happy and I wanted to tie it in with some sort of news hook.

Six months on, with a seven month old baby, the piece has finally been finished and impressively, was accepted by www.irishcentral.com. They have published it on their site today: 100 Things That Make Irish People Happiest.

I’m thrilled to have the piece put out to a wider audience and excited to have my work opened up to the good people on the other side of the Atlantic and around the world. IrishCentral have been fabulous to liaise with and respectful of the research I put into the piece. (Not like the original Irish website I approached this week who hung up on me and then were ‘in a meeting’ when I called straight back. Sigh).

Hopefully you can find something in the list that makes you happy too.

Clean house. New pajamas. Tea and chocolate. They’re mine.


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