LadyNicci featured on new site:

A while back one of my fellow Irish Parenting Bloggers Learner Mama asked us to send in our caesarean section birth stories for her brand new site

Lucy runs a very successful Facebook group called Irish C-Section Mammies and it’s an invaluable tool for Mums who are looking for information or to chat about their experiences.

I think the website is a fantastic idea and I wish her the very best with it. I remember the night before my own op, I frantically scoured the internet for any information I could find. I would have loved to have landed on her site.

I was quite emotional when I wrote the piece for the new site. I hope I’ve captured the experience – but really no words can describe the actual feeling you have when you see your new baby for the first time.

The piece is linked here:

There’s no gore, so enjoy!

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