In the doghouse. Again.

March 21, 2015 LadyNicci 0

I have a confession to make. And you’re probably going to hate me when I tell you. I’ve fallen out of love with my dog. I feel terrible. It’s like I’ve been cheating on her […]

And so… I shall write a book!

February 9, 2015 LadyNicci 0

Last week I had the opportunity to appear on new Irish parenting website as a guest blogger. I’d seen the site advertised on Facebook a few days after its launch and was dying to […]

How to christen your baby on a budget

February 3, 2015 LadyNicci 0

When it came to our baby’s christening, we were adamant about one thing: money. No matter what, we said, this special family occasion will not leave us in debt, under pressure or worried about cash. […]

A House and A Home

January 5, 2015 LadyNicci 0

I was only homeless once in my life. It lasted about a week. Technically we weren’t homeless at all, but we were living in a hostel and I hated it. We’d landed in Sydney, Australia […]

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