Editing – ha ha ha

March 29, 2016 LadyNicci 0

Hello cruel world. I mean, ‘world of possibilities just waiting to be sought.’ See what I did there? I made a negative thought into a positive one. That is what writers do. To be fair, […]

How I Write – Kate Orson

March 27, 2016 LadyNicci 4

Kate Orson is a freelance writer from England and lives in Basel, Switzerland, with her husband and daughter. She studied creative writing but to date,  has not been able to finish the novels she starts. […]

How I Write – Joseph O’Connor

March 20, 2016 LadyNicci 2

Joseph O’Connor is one of Ireland’s best known and critically acclaimed writers. He has written eight novels, including the award-winning Star of the Sea which sold over a million copies. He was awarded the Irish […]

How I Write – Sharyn Hayden

March 13, 2016 LadyNicci 2

Sharyn Hayden is a journalist with Irish parenting website www.herfamily.ie, a blogger, a comic actress and a business owner. In 2015, she published I Forgot To Take My Pill, a non-fiction book and honest diary of […]

How I Write – Gemma Jackson

March 6, 2016 LadyNicci 10

Gemma Jackson grew up in Dublin’s tenements and set off at 17 to travel the world. She worked in a variety of book inspiring jobs but it would be two and a half decades before […]